Photo: Little School Boy Trapped In A Tree Cleft, After Been Warned By An Old Man


A little school boy who was playing with his fellow school friends, has been captured on camera as he got trapped in a tree cleft.

A Facebook user identified as Andrew Mwansa, has taken to the social networking platform to share the shocking photo of a schoolboy who attends one of the rural community schools in Luapula Province of Zambia, and was trapped in a tree cleft while he was playing.

Andres posted about the incident online and wrote;

“Wonders Shall Never End!!!

“According to a whatsapp message, the boy belongs to one of the rural primary/community schools in Luapula Province. A school boy was trapped in a tree cleft whilst playing. The old men have long been advising the children not to play around the feared tree but as usual, children disobeyed the order.

“The villagers have long believed that the tree is spiritual and has resisted uprooting for many years.

“Efforts by community school trs to rescue the boy failed as the more they tried to pull him out, the more squeezed he was getting until the grey haired old men and women went there to plead with the spirits of the tree to free the boy as he was innocent.

“After a black chicken sacrifice, the tree freed the little.”

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