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Procedure On How To Check WAEC Result With Your Mobile Phone



How To Check WAEC Result With Your Mobile Phone

WAEC Result Is always released few months after it must have been written.

The first is MAY/JUNE while the other is NOV./DEC. Once WAEC result is released there is a WAEC Result Checking Scratch Card that is always issued and some times bought candidate of the Examination depending on the type of Examination written.

However, candidate should beware of any form of fraud while trying to Check WAEC Result simply because it must be from the WAEC Official Website in order to Check Result with the right details and information.

Let’s now move straight up to How to Check WAEC Result Via online even with Mobile phone. To Check Your WAEC Result Using Mobile Phone can be so easy and faster with little airtime. Keep scrolling to learn more.

How to Check WAEC Result Online and with Mobile Phone

1. First of all, go to any designated centre to buy a scratch card which may costs ₦450 as the case may be.

Ensure you don’t buy any card that its scratched already.(One can as well get it from WAEC office or any other branch)

2. Then go ahead to proceed to WAEC Official website

3. Once you are redirected do well to enter your EXAMINATION NUMBER which contains the 7 digit Centre Number together with the 3 digit Candidate Number. E.g 45412343 The next thing to do is to enter your Examination year. E.g 2007, 2008, 2009 etc

4. Afterward, choose the type of exam written. ( for those that wrote MAY/JUNE and NOV/DEC. It all depend on the time you wrote the exam).

5. The serial number will be the next thing to enter in the space provided. You can find it at the back of the scratch card)

6. Finally, you input the PIN from your scratch card and click ‘SUBMIT

7. Your result will now be out showing all your information and identity.

8. Go ahead to Check your WAEC Result Online through HERE

screen shot of WAEC Result Online

How To Check WAEC Result With Your Mobile Phone

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