Most Actors Are Not Well Trained – Joke Muyiwa Says


Joke Muyiwa needs no introduction as she remains a sought-after actress and one of the veterans that commands respect in the industry. In this interview with Seyi Sokoya, she speaks on how most actors are not well-trained.

When asked about the rate of untrained actors in the industry,

She said:

Some are not trained at all, and some are well-trained. Being trained did not mean one didn’t attend the university; education is not limited to the four walls of the higher institution.

You can be an apprentice under some people, even as a graduate. But there are so many young actors that are not even interested in toeing this path.

Some of my students when I was teaching at PEFTI always told me that they were not interested in following due process and that all they wanted was to feature in the popular soap opera, Super Story.

Many are not aware that there are principles of acting. The way one speaks in real life is different from the way one speaks on stage or in front of the camera.

You just have to make conscious effort to be heard because when you are on stage people who cannot pick your voice must be able to read your lips.

This is why we still have bad or substandard productions in the market. Where should we place actors that cannot speak proper Yoruba, not to talk of good English? As for me, I can speak proper Yoruba; I also don’t toy with my Egba language.

I can speak Oyo and English fluently, because I have passion for languages and I know that language is a medium of expression. If you are not good at all these, you cannot be a good actor. How do you want to communicate? It is the basic thing in acting.

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