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Offa Liberation


The attention of the progressive minded Fedpoffites have been drawn to a publication(allegations) truncating through social medias which was said in it, that a member of liberation movement is defrauding Fedpoffites using social medias. without no doubt, we can boldly concluded that the information is false, baseless and rootless in its entirety.

It is obvious that the computerized Students’ Union Executives led by Adigun wanted to defame the movement of pro-students known as Liberation Movement for a reason well known to us. They are surprised that despite every year election’s manipulation, Students of Federal Polytechnic Offa are still in their numbers supporting this movement of progressive minded people, and with that, they are trying with all their strength to make the Students turn their faces against this movement and her members, which is not going to possible by God’s grace.

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Students of Federal Polytechnic Offa except few, that happened to be members of Reformation movement know the ability and capability of both movements, and they equally know the differences between our members and theirs, which made these progressive Fedpoffites(Liberators) believe that all allegations libel on our movement will not be welcome neither will it be acceptable by the majority Fedpoffites.

We therefore warn the person behind this untrue allegations on our movement, to without delay, withdraw the statement and tender a sincere apology for publicly sent false information about our movement.

Due to our believe that the allegations will not be for any reason change the mind of Fedpoffites from what they known us to be from onset, for the above reason, we wanted to be silent at first as silent remain the best answer for a fool, but at times, you have to be vociferous to let a fool realize that he himself is the fool we are talking about.

However, we urge Fedpoffites generally to turn their back as they normally do to this unjustified allegations credited by the agent of destruction to our dear movement. What you see them doing is politics of hatred and we were nurtured and cultured against such politics. Our interest and focus is where will put the well-being of the Students and better Fedpoffa as our integral fulcrum.

In conclusion, we want the so called Adigun to bring his evidence in three days time, failure to do this may require court intervention.


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  1. Well said… There is enough evidence against the defamatory act; legal actions shall be taken towards this immediately after the pandemics.

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