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Tips On How To Make Popcorn Using Your Microwave



How To Make Popcorn Using Your Microwave

How To Make Popcorn Using Your Microwave

Microwave popcorn is a fast-rising phenomenon and it is one of the healthy and easy methods of making a quick snack. A lot of us have at one time or the other have enjoyed the buttery goodness of microwave popcorn by simply unfolding a bag and pressing the “popcorn” button.

The sad thing however is that the buttery goodness could come about as a result of a chemical-based butter flavour with additives and ingredients that are less healthy than popping corn the old-fashioned way.

Microwave bags aren’t much better either. When bags of microwave popcorn are heated, they emit fine and ultrafine particles that may come with health risks. Exposure to high levels of the chemicals found in the bags has been linked to lung disease among those who work in popcorn manufacturing companies.

Here is how to make an amazing (and simple) bag of healthy microwave popcorn.

Microwave Popcorn
Makes 1 serving
1/4 cup popcorn kernels*

1/4 teaspoon oil

Pinch of salt

Yellow and white popcorn are a bit different in appearance but not in nutrition profiles. Yellow kernels are larger and take longer to cook. They also have a tougher hull and chewier. White is smaller, lighter, and crispier than yellow.

Toss the popcorn kernels in a small bowl with the oil and a pinch of salt. Pour the contents into a brown paper lunch bag. Fold the bag over a couple of times and then fold the corners in so that the bag doesn’t open during cooking.

Place the bag upright in the microwave and set the “cook” button for about 2 minutes. Turn off the microwave when the popping slows down to about two kernels between pops – otherwise, you risk scorching it.

Take the bag out of the microwave and open it carefully, watching out for hot steam. Pour the popcorn into a bowl and toss with seasonings of your choice. The heat will maximize the absorption of the seasoning’s flavor.

How To PersonalizYour Popcorn
The beauty of the microwave popcorn recipe is that it is quite versatile. The basic recipe is tasty on its own but you can add any flavour combo that suits your taste buds. What’s also fun about this recipe is that it makes an individual portion so everyone can make their own bag, the way they like it!

Set out melted butter, olive oil or toasted sesame oil, spices, cheeses and dried fruit and have everyone sprinkle on their own combos. Here are some ideas you can use:

Savory Combos
Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese
Rosemary and Parmesan
Crumbled seaweed crisps
Nutritional yeast (non-dairy, cheesy option) with cumin
Wassabi, low-salt soy sauce and sesame oil
Paprika, cumin and cayenne pepper
Sweet Combos
Cinnamon sugar
Melted peanut butter and mini-chocolate chips
Cocoa powder and coconut flakes
Dried fruit and mini-dark chocolate chips.

Enjoy your microwave popcorn with any of these flavours and let us know how it tastes!

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