Harrysong – Stealing And Using pants for ritual purposes is Crazy

Stealing and using pants for ritual purposes is crazy – Harrysong

Stealing and using pants for ritual purposes is crazy – Harrysong

Songwriter and singer Harrysong, has waded into the issue of stealing and using pants for ritual purposes, which he described as crazy.

While advising ritualists and yahoo boys who are desperate to make quick money to find alternative, legal means of making money, he condemned the criminal act.

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“Something has been seriously bothering me and I want to say it and clear my mind before releasing my song. ‘Journey’ is coming out tomorrow and I just need the air to be clear and fresh. It’s about hustle, it’s about realness and a lot is going on, this one is hustling this one, that one is hustling that one. Now its pant, stealing pants is trending everywhere.

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It’s crazy! Come on, hustle right. I’ve done a lot of hustle; I’ve been a fisherman, choir master, different hustles I have engaged in because I wanted a better life. In all, just do things right; get a job, get a life instead of this our pressing here, pressing there, stealing people’s pants.”

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Updated: February 2, 2019 — 5:32 pm

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